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East Goshen is a township in Chester County, Pennsylvania. 
Much of the charm of East Goshen Township comes from its historical heritage. The history and development patterns of the Township have defined, in part, current land use patterns, road systems, economics, points of interest and place names. Historic preservation has become an important element in the planning process because it ensures proper care of historic sites as well as an understanding of a community’s past, present and future.  East Goshen Township contains many historic resources that date back to when Europeans initially settle the area in the late 1600's and in the early 1700's. These resources have largely retained their historical integrity and greatly contribute to community character.  East Goshen Township was originally a part of a 5000-acre parcel of land known as the “Welsh Tract” and purchased from William Penn September 16, 1681. Early settlers conveyed the name Goshenville on the area but Goshen Township became the formally established municipality in 1704 encompassing West Chester and East and West Goshen Townships. Goshen Township was reduced in size with the incorporation of West Chester Borough in 1788 and the remaining Township was further divided into East Goshen and West Goshen Townships in 1817. Today, East Goshen Township comprises 10.1 square miles in area.

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Our troubleshooting experience in East Goshen with respect to all plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning issues is unmatched.  Our experienced technicians are ready to provide you with the best solution to your maintenance needs.
We are a dependable, experienced contracting company ideally suited for your East Goshen residential or commercial remodeling or new construction project.  You can count on our people to arrive on time for work and to be respectful of your environment, furnishings and timetable.  We take special care to protect all surfaces, furniture and floors as part of doing a complete and professional job.

Whether you are remodeling or starting a new home or office, we always deal with customers personally to insure we understand their ideas and plans. Also, we believe our customers should understand all aspects of a job so they know it’s being done properly and priced fairly.  Our East Goshen Township clients are continuously kept informed on the progress of their project.
We are owner operated and always on the job.  Every project is done right and on time.  We do not sub-contract to others.  All work is done by the owner, David Leichter and his trained employees.
Whether working directly with our customers or contracted through an intermediary architectural engineering firm, we have the capability to accurately execute your plans or provide design / build services in East Goshen Township as required.
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